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3 Tips To Make More Money

July 27, 2013

Money Money Money

I can hear the 3 part harmony of the O’jays as I type the words.  For most of us there’s not enough hours in the day to accomplish all the things we want to.  As a sales rep I learned to make more money I had to spend most of my time in what I call revenue generating activities.  There are only three.

  1. Proposal generation
  2. Networking
  3. Customer appointments

The degree to which a sales rep spends her time in these activities directly affects the money she will make and her success as a sales person.

It’s the same for an entrepreneur or business woman.  Spend the bulk of your time doing revenue generating activities to increase your likely hood of making more of the green stuff.

Three Tips To Help You Make More Money

Money Making Tip #1

Outsource or hire an assistant to help with non-revenue generating activities.  As my buddy Don says…If you don’t have an assistant you are the assistant.

Money Making Tip #2

Utilize online advertising to supplement or replace the need for networking.  A well constructed online ad and landing page can help you turn the tables from you attempting to find people who want what you offer to people who want what you offer finding you.

Money Making Tip #3

Cut down on windshield time (the time spent driving to and from appointments) by utilizing online video conferencing tools like Skype to do customer appointments or simply do them by phone.

Bonus Tip: Try giving some money away to something you’re passionate about or somewhere you notice a need.  Do it expecting nothing in return.

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