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4 Things You Can Do To Find A Job

Just about everything you’ve ever learned about finding a job has been geared towards getting employed with a large fortune 500 company.  The challenge is that small businesses employ far more people, so you’re more likely to land a gig with a small local firm nobody has even heard of.  Additionally fortune 500 companies are responsible for a net loss in jobs.

1. Learn 2 Sell: Because every company (even the non-profit ones) sell something.  And if you can bring in more than you cost you represent a profit for the company.  If you’ve decided you don’t like sales, or you’re not good at it you need to change your mind because if you can’t sell yourself you can’t land the job.

2. Learn 2 Advertise: Because every company has a story it needs to sell.  Advertising used to be the exclusive domain of NY ad agencies.  But today more and more advertising is taking place online, on Google properties.  And Google will teach you to advertise for free.  And like selling, advertising pays for itself and the online type is always 100% trackable so it’s easy to prove your value.  Oh, and you can get started in your basement, or at your dinning room table.

Here’s an idea.  Find a local company with an average $15,000 per sale value.  Generate 10 online leads for them a month and you’ve given them $150,000 in potential new business each month.  The likely already know their close ratio.  If it’s a mere 10% then they’ll close an additional $15,000 per month in business because of you (find out their average close ratio before agreeing to do any work).  You need a 25% commission and you’ve got a $3,750 a month income.  Offer to do the first 10 leads free and y0u’re in the door.

3. Learn 2 Write: Because writing is one way stories get told, and therefore is another form of selling.  Additionally with so many companies wanting to drive traffic to websites and looking get started blogging there’s a big need for writers.  And once again all the stuff you do is immediately trackable so it’s easy to show value.

4. Learn to use the power of awesome video and multimedia content: Because video is a growing way stories are being told online, and once again…is another form of selling.  You likely have everything you need to start in your pocket now.  Your smart phone is likely equipped with a 1080p HD camera and editing software.  Match up your video skills with some easy to pickup editing skills and you can become a small company’s online video department.

Don’t have a iMovie, can’t afford a new computer with the required processing power? All the equipment and software you need is available to learn and use for free at your local Apple store.  Use it there for free until you can afford to buy it…that’s why they have it there free to use.

Can’t afford a class to learn how to make video well Wistia will teach you to produce awesome video’s for…FREE!

5. Learn Google Analytics:  I think this is the most important of all of the things discussed here because it’s equivalent to being the company bean counter.  The online analysis is the person who lets the owner know if the marketing dollars their spending are working.  You see, monitor, and report on everything the company is doing online.  Oh and by the way you can learn Google Analytics for free.

Now that you’ve got few skills under your belt, that have cost you nothing to learn by the way,  you need to understand that small businesses are not like the big ones.  And that’s good for you, because you can call the owner and request a meeting at the local coffee shop (that’s selling by the way) and tell her you’ve got several ideas you think can help her grow sales.  If she bites you’re in…because remember you’re willing to start for free.

If you can show you’re putting in more than you need to take out then all that’s left is to figure out is how much you’d like to be paid.

I know that everything I’ve recommended here is far more entrepreneurial than the average job seeker looking to just land a gig with the man is willing to do, but that’s exactly why it will work for you.

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