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Rodney Goldston

rodney goldston


Rodney Goldston is an entrepreneur, husband, and father. He enjoys marketing because he sees it as the generous act of helping others achieve their goals.

Rodney is a professionally trained salesman and marketer. He’s worked for General Motors, Wells Fargo, and MetLife.

His entrepreneurial spirt was kindled when he started buying sweathers wholesale from the mill where his mother worked and selling them to fellow students and teachers at his high school. He financed his college education by starting a company which sold more than $100K in desserts and bubblegum.Yea…bubblegum.

Rodney runs a digital marketing agency called JugHead Media based in Philadelphia, Pa. He’s provided services for Subaru America, more than 100 of the nations automotive retailers, and the University of Pennsylvania to name a few. He’s proud that he’s able to do work that matters for people who care.

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