Adversity and Success

Adversity and Success: People with lots of resources don’t often achieve genuine success.  Success at anything is difficult and rare.  In fact success is rare because it’s difficult.  And it valuable because it’s rare. 


  • marketing speaker philadelphia rodney goldstonMost entrepreneurs don’t revolutionize an industry.  
  • Most sales people don’t land really big clients.
  • Most athletes don’t set world records.  
  • Most entertainers don’t achieve world wide notoriety   

Genuine success is simply to difficult. It always requires tremendous fortitude, and willingness to suffer through trials and tribulations.  People with lot’s of options see the barriers, think what’s the point, and walk away.  

On the flip side people living in tremendous adversity, the worlds underdogs, view the same barriers to success differently.  At some point they realize – ‘no one is coming to my rescue but me’.

Working hard and seeing it trough is their only option for a better tomorrow.  Fortitude, work ethic, and eventually success are birthed from their adversity.

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