Ain’t No Award For That

Ain’t no award 4 Parenting like Hecliff and Clair. 4 Stayin Up on your grind late night like Jimmy Kimble. 4 doing it not cause U want 2, but cause U got 2!

Ain’t no award 4 being calm, cool, collected, flowing like Lee. 4 floating through life like a butterfly stinging like a bee.

Ain’t no award 4 Lovin who U r, not letting fools play U N-secure. 4 staying free 2 free style like MJ, red jacket, zippers, high waters, crown, velour.

Ain’t no award 4 not being like the maggot brain, 4 not doing some bid kid. 4 Staying home @ night taking care of yo kid.  And nothing 4 not being concerned with Tims and pretty women, 4 being bout family man cause that’s what it iz 2 b a man.

Ain’t no award 4 keepin yo game sharp like a razor blade. 4 knowin the difference in being a businessman and being a business man!  Ain’t no award 2 keep on thinkin, even though those thoughts keep your ship from sinkin.

And ain’t no award 4 Keepin your head up chest out when dem fools try and make you suffer, 4 droppin ’em like flies, jumpin n yo Benz, and burning rubber.

Or is there?

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