AT&T Says Bigger Is Better – But Is It Really?


According to AT&T it’s not complicated bigger is better.  But is it really?  The funny thing about us humans is that if we can hang a number on it, then some how we conclude that bigger is better.  But is this frame of reference always accurate.  A few thoughts:

A few things to make you go…hmm!

  • Jesus only had 12.
  • I’ve worked for 3 of the biggest companies on the planet and 3 times I’ve showed up to work to find out my entire department or division was sold or just gotten rid of.  Big did not work for me in those instances.
  • Small companies are far more nimble than their larger competitors, and often this works out to be an advantage.
  • Goliath was bigger than David and you know how that ended.
  • The American army was bigger than the Vietnamese army and look how that turned out.
  • Question: are 5,000 Twitter followers who don’t amplify your message really better than 100 that relentlessly spread the word about you and are willing buy almost anything you produce?
  • More than 90% of American businesses are classified as small businesses (clearly small business is good for America).
  • If you get a traffic fine do you want a bigger one?

This misguided idea that bigger is always better is one of the subjects of Malcolm Gladwells latest book aptly called David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants.  As usual it’s an excellent read.

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