Being Honest With Yourself

Most people tend to think of honesty as it applies to being truthful in their communication with others.  That mindset makes forces you to be far more concerned with being honest with others than you are with being honest with yourself.

When you’re not honest with yourself you stay at your job too long.  Commit to doing things you really don’t want to do. Remain in relationships you should get out of.  You don’t admit when it’s fear that’s keeping you from failing your way to success.  You start a business, or project you just shouldn’t. You people please.

These are all fruit of looking outward for successful personalities, and emulating them instead of looking inward for the honest expression of yourself.  All the wrong ways to lie to yourself.

Knowing yourself, and more importantly expressing your true self requires repeated deep inward dives.  Your family, friends, and tribe need to know the real you.  So while you’re being honest with the people in your life today, remember to be brutally honest with yourself.  Because the truth you tell yourself is the truth most likely to set you free. Tweet: The truthe you tell yourself is the truth most likely to set you free. #success via@rodneygoldston

Something To Make You Go…Hmm! A really cool way to figure out the things that make you happy is to simply write down any and everything that makes you smile.  Soon you’ll have a list of the things that make you happy.

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