How To Do Your Best Work

Here’s how you can get started doing your best work today – Get out of your comfort zone.  If you’re working in your comfort zone then you’re likely not doing your best work, or work that matters

Doing your best work, or work that matters requires you that you get uncomfortable.

Last week I saw the movie Selma.  One of the things that I think the director did a great job at was getting across to the audience that Dr. King was often uncomfortable with his work.  The movement had taken a toll on his physical and mental health, his marriage, his relationship with his children, and he was often deafly afraid.

In order to continue doing the work he had to be willing to be uncomfortable….I think the work he did mattered.

The people who do work that matters are not always the gifted ones, the brilliant ones, but they are always the ones most willing to be uncomfortable.

5 Ways To Do Your Best Work

  1. Stop waiting for the right frame of mind
  2. Stop waiting for the right support system
  3. Stop waiting for someone to encourage you
  4. Stop waiting for someone to do the work with
  5. Watch this short video on doing great work

Something To Make You Go…Hmm! Your muscles (the ones in your body, and the one between your ears) can only grow stronger when you make them uncomfortable (every fitness expert knows this to be fact).  Keep them in their comfort zone and they don’t remain the same…they atrophy, and you get fat.

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