Bigfoot, UFO’s, Sandra Bland, and Police Brutality

Twenty years ago, before everyone carried a smart phone equipped with a HD camera there were Big Foot and UFO sittings everywhere.  Although the visual evidence of their existence was sketchy at best, and in many cases proven to be a hoax mass numbers of people still believed (X Files anyone, or maybe the Six Million Dollar Man).

Now that almost everyone is carrying HD cameras, everywhere, every minute of the day we can’t find Big Foot, Yeti, Nessi, or spot an actual UFO.  But for some reason we do seem to catch a tremendous amount of police brutality and all types of civil rights violations.  And despite the overwhelming visual evidence some people still refuse to believe.

A little something Something to make you go…hmm! Sandra Bland is just the latest person, whose unfortunate interaction with a Texas police officer proves what many Americans already know about what happens when the paths of minorities and some police (NOT ALL) crash.  It’s unfortunate, and it saddens me to know that this post will likely serve this blog as evergreen content for a long time to come.

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