Is A Blog An Asset

Someone asked me if I thought a blog is an asset for a marketer.  The blog itself is not, however it can be used to generate a very valuable asset.

When someone appreciates your blog and gives you permission to freely communicate with them by joining your email list, the list becomes the asset.  The connections your blog can help you build, those are assets.

Last year someone read this blog post and paid me $1,000 to come talk about it to a group of students.  It took me 1 hour to write the post, and $0 dollars.  That post is an asset.

What’s Google’s assets?  They have servers, and of course there’s the algorithm.  But the data archives they have on you, and me about everything we like and dislike that’s the real asset.

Something to make you go hmm!  Have you ever wondered why the mapping software on your smart phone is free.  It’s because knowing the places you go are valuable assets to a software company.

Anytime the value of something is greater than the cost of obtaining it it’s an asset.


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