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Change Happens

June 17, 2013

The only thing as certain as taxes, and death, is change.

When disruptive technology changes competitive landscapes once successful companies fail, and new trends cause consumers to change brands.

When change happens most people are trying to figure out why the change has happened, or what caused the disruption.  The real opportunity is to figure out how to take advantage of change or disruption.

Disruptive Technology

Below are the 30 digital disruptions and 15 digital trends.  Perhaps you can think of a way to take advantage of them.

Disruptions Trends
3-D Printing and ReplicatorsApp EconomyArtificial Intelligence (AI)

Augmented Reality (Google Glass)

Automated Life (Cars, Homes, Driving, etc.)

Automated Robots


Biometric Authentication (Voice/audio, fingerprint, body/eyescan, gesture, olfactory user interface Content Marketing

Digital/Social TV vs. “Second Screen”

Emerging Hand Held Devices / Platforms (Android, Tablet, Phablet)


Gesture/Voice-Based Interface/Navigation / “Human as Interface”

Hacking/Social Engineering and Information Security

Haptic Surfaces (Slippery, wet, textured through electrical currents)

Healthcare – Data and Predictive Analytics

Human-Piloted Drones

Hyper-Local Technology / Mobile Location / Indoor Mapping

Internet of Nanoparticles (Embedded in bloodstream)

MicroMedia Video

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Payments

Native Advertising

Natural Language Processing

Near Field Communications

Open Source / Open Data / Open Innovation

Peer-Based Currency / Soical Currency (BitCoin)

Proximity Based Communications

Social Engagement Automation (Robots Respond on Twitter)

Social Network Analysis, Graphing, and Data Science

Social Technologies

Touch Permeates Digital/Surfaces: TVs, Touch Advertising

Virtual Reality / Immersive 3D Experiences

Wearable / Embedded Technology

Wireless Power / Electricity

Big DataCollaborative EconomyConnected Workplace

Customer Experience Design/Architecture and Integration

Data Convergence/Customer Intelligence

Data vs Creative in the Org: New Decision Process

Digital Ethnography or Customer Journey Mapping

Digital Influence and Advocacy

Evolution of the Center of Excellence

Generation C


Internet of Things or Internet of Everything

Intrapreneurship, Innovation Culture, and Innovation Hubs

Pervasive Computing

Porous Workplace

Privacy: Standardization and Regulation (“Beware of Little Brother”)

Quantified Self or Human API

The Digital Journey and Understanding Digital Signals

The Maker Movement

The Neuroscience of Digital Interactions

Learn more about these disruptive technologies and trends.

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