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Content Marketing – 10 Kick Butt Tips For Generating Awesome Content

December 11, 2012

Most folks are not creative enough to always have a fresh idea ready to transform into killer content.  Unless you happen to be Seth Godin you likely struggle with coming up with enough relevant, helpful, fun content to blog everyday.  While you may be an expert on the topics you cover deciding exactly how to approach each blog post, webinar, ebook, slideshare presentation, or any other type of online marketing content can be a daunting task.

But have no fear this will be the first in a series of 10 post I’ll put hear each week on Tuesday to help you fill your backlog with some kick butt content ideas so your well never runs dry.

Content Marketing Tip Numero Uno #1

Marketing Strategy

Stay plugged in with industry news to provide current and relevant content to your readers. Photo Courtesy of KellyB

Get and stay plugged in with industry news.  You need to stay current if you hope to provide your followers with relevant, timely content.  But how?

Here are 3 easy ways to stay current on news in your market

Here’s what I do, and if it helps HubSpot also recommends.

  1. Subscribe to RSS feeds from bloggers that cover your industry or speak to your target audience.
  2. Subscribe to email newsletters from niche publications that cover your industry, as well as your vendors and even your competitors.
    1. While I’m on this point you can subscribe to this blog over on the right of this page.
  3. Set up Google Alerts for non-branded keywords related to your industry, your products, and your customers pain points.

How do you stay on top of news in your industry? Let me know in the comments section below.

View all the links to the Content Marketing Strategy series.

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