Content Marketing Strategy – How To Use Evergreen Content To Generate A Continuous Flow Of Traffic

Welcome to the fourth installment of my Content Marketing Strategy Series.  Today I want to introduce you to the secret to driving traffic to your blog year after year, season after season.  This is sure to become become an extremely important component of your digital content marketing effort called it’s called….Evergreen Content.

Content Marketing Strategy Evergreen Content

Why Evergreen Content Is Important To A Content Marketing Strategy

The quest to find a news story everyone is talking about, the newest trend, or the latest social media buzz can at times prove fruitless.  During those tuff creative times is when you’ll find evergreen content to be it’s most valuable.

What Is Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content in which the social relevance for it never expires or it expires over a very long period of time.  It covers topics that your tribe regardless of trends, economic environments, or other mitigating factors will always have an interest in and therefore always seek out.  Careful strategic deployment of evergreen content throughout your overall content mix will help to ensure continued traffic to your site for months and possibly years.

Examples Of Evergreen Content

3 Benefits Of Evergreen Content To Your Content Marketing Strategy

  1. High SEO Value – because of the timelessness of evergreen content it will, over a period of time, tend to rank high with search engines.
  2. Traffic Contribution – Because of evergreen contents ability to achieve high page rank it tends to get found more often, which leads to being sneezed more often, all of which leads to a steady continuous flow of traffic to your publication.
  3. Revenue Generation – Dollars always follow eyeballs.  Because of evergreen contents ability to consistently bring lots of new eyeballs to your publication it offers, more than any other type of content, the added benefit generating new leads for your business year after year.

What You’ve Learned

Evergreen content is the gift that keeps on giving, by continuing to work for you long after it’s initially been published.

Over time evergreen content contributes richly to

  1. SEO value
  2. Increased traffic
  3. Revenue generation



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