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Content Marketing Strategy Tip # 7 – Write what You like

January 22, 2013

Ok we’re well into the home stretch of the content marketing strategy series and this tip goes way against the grain of what you’re likely to read other places.

Most websites will encourage to either write for SEO value or to some how write to build a legion of loyal followers.  My advice is to do neither. Instead be true to yourself and write what You like.  Who needs a legion anyway…you need a Tribe willing to spread your ideas.

content marketing strategy

If you’re writing for SEO value or to build an audience then you run the risk of writing what’s popular, and what’s popular is always a competitive space.  If instead if you take a risk and write about the ideas in your head, give an honest opinion about the things you observe in the world, then your tribe will come.  And what’s better you’ll be leading instead of following.

Both Michael Hyatt and Seth Godin (two very popular bloggers) tell stories how how for years they wrote (being consistent) and hardly anyone showed up to read their blogs.  You can checkout what Seth had to say about following the so called “blogging rules” in is post Doing it wrong relentlessly.  Checkout what Michael has to say in his video post My 7 Biggest Platform Building Blunders.



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