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Content Marketing – Tip # 3 – Look Beyond Your Industry For Information

December 25, 2012

When developing content for your readers keep in mind that what’s relevant is likely a wide variety of subjects. Try looking beyond your niche and try and make usefulContent Marketing Looking connections between things that on the surface seem unrelated. For example you might not think that Jimi Hendrix and mass marketing have anything to do with each other?

Dan Zarrella is a social media reseacher and he calls this approach “combined relevance”.  Your customers have interest in many different subjects and when you combine two of those interest in a relevant, uplifting, or entertaining way the result is a better connection with people who care about those things.  I’m surprised that, currently, the most shared content on this site are the post about failure and success.  Second are the post regarding marketing strategy.  I did not expect this.

I try to keep my eyes open for combined relevance examples wherever I go.  A few weeks ago a visit to Wholefoods Market inspired a post regarding the effect that customer service has on social media marketing.  All my blog post get tweeted and the folks at Wholefoods reponded with a thank you and a retweet.  If you keep your antennas up you’ll start to notice examples everywhere.  A good or bad experience at a restaurant could inspire a blog post about the importance of customer service.  A conversation with a client could give you an idea for a Slideshare presentation business management.

Update 5/31/18: Funny I was just reviewing this article and it just so happens that I recently had a request come in to my agency for a video marketing proposal.  It come from a restaurant that I’d written a poor review about.  The owner reached out to me to discuss my experience and we’ve developed quite a good relationship.  Now he’s getting some much needed marketing help and I’m getting a new client.

Once you train your brain to look you’ll find that marketing content is everywhere and the world will be your oyster.

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