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Control Your Own Message

May 23, 2013

Yesterday, my friend Loretta told me that a curriculum that she and her husband developed is used in schools, hospitals, and institutions in more than 35 states across the United States.  They receive a decent royalty, but have zero ability to distribute, brand, and market they own intelectual property.

In the old days this made sense because marketing, and distribution was expensive and you needed a partner.  However, today Loretta, and you have the ability to own your own media company.

  • Michael Dell and Steve Jobs made sure you have access to a powerful personal computer.  
  • Your local utility provider ensures  you have blazing fast upload and download ability via the internet.  
  • Google wants to help the whole world find you, and Amazon will publish you for free.

So tell me what does a media company have access to that you don’t.

Most folks start off looking to develop followers.  Loretta and her husband already have thousands (their Tribe).  They don’t need publishers, distribution, and marketing companies.  It’s flipped – publishers, distribution, and marketing companies need them.

3 Things Loretta (and possibly you) Should Do

  1. Take control of her own media by launching a simple website – the website becomes the platform to promote existing product and launch new ventures.
  2. Set up e-commerce allowing already existing Tribe members to buy direct. This includes buying product, purchasing speaking engagements, and consulting packages.
  3. Commit to keeping their base informed via a simple blog, or YouTube channel.

You have the tools required to broadcast yourself, too tell your own story, and start your own movement – So get to it!


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