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CYA – Cover Your Assets

Apr 16, 2013

During industrial revolution only large companies could afford to acquire, and maintain sufficient marketing assets. Some of these assets included trust (the ability to deliver on a promise), experience (the ability to turn existing customers into new ones), and attention (the ability to pay for media coverage).

Today, the connected market place has shifted the balance of power out of the hands of a few major corporations and made it possible for everyone to acquire and maintain their own marketing assets.

  • It’s now easier than ever to own a slice of the attention paid to media, now that everyone can build and nurture a network.  
  • It’s simple to leverage your experience, regardless how limited, into some level of income.
  • It’s super easy to leverage digital media to build trust and reputation.  

Assets are no longer off limits to everyday people who work for a living.

What will you choose to do: Cover your assets by intentionally building and nurturing them, or ignore them in the pursuit of leveraging some organizations?


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