Dennis Rodman North Korea

Dennis Rodman has been in the news lately not so much because of his trip to North Korea but more so because he’s the first American to meet new leader Kim Jong-un. Dennis Rodman North Korea

What bothers me is the response I’ve watched from almost every news journalist.  There’s an image of Rodman and Kim Jong-un in the background and the journalist makes a smug comment about how this just doesn’t look right.

Hey, don’t confuse Rodman’s looks with his intelligence.  If anything when you look at Dennis Rodman you should be reminded of the truism that you cant’ judge a book by it’s cover.  You judge them by the value of their content.  Despite Dennis’s looks, bucking the system, and antics the fact remains that Dennis Rodman brings real value because when he shows up he shows up to win.  Don’t look at him (his cover) – look at his content.

  • NBA Hall of Fame
  • 5 NBA Championships 
  • 2 time NBA Defensive Player of The Year
  • 7 Time NBA Leading Rebounder (at 6 feet 6 inches really!)(This fact alone has work ethic written all over it).

Look Dennis was not in North Korea as politician.  His dedication to his art took him there.  But I get it.  We humans can’t help it.  We judge books by their covers.  But you would think that Americans would have learned their lesson when we elected arguably the worst American President in history, Warren Harding, solely because he was considered to be good looking.

Bottom line is Dennis was a brilliant ball plater, and is a brilliant marketer (we’re still talking about him 13 years after his retirement).

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