Employee fraudulently claiming sick pay exposed on Facebook

I just read an article about how Advantage Health Physician Network was able to uncover an employee fraudulently claiming sick pay by using Facebook.

Sara Jaszczyszyn a Customer Service Rep employed by Advantage applied for Family Leave Act after siting that a previous injury prevented her from doing her job.  While on leave Sara decide to have some fun and attend a festival with some friends.  She and her friends did what many folks are doing these days and documented their wild and crazy time on Facebook.  Unfortunately for Sara she forgot she was fb friends with her co-wokers and boss – oops!

After being fired Sara sued her employer but  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upheld Advantage’s decision to release her.  You can read the full story here – An Employer’s Measured Response to Suspected Workplace FMLA Fraud Wins the Day.

This is either or perhaps both a great example of  (1)why employers should be involved with employees and their social networks, or (2) why employees should make sure not to friend co-workers and bosses…hmm!

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