Are You Enjoying The Process

There was a time when hardly anyone wanted a Picasso.  But today of course an original Picasso goes for many hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Even after becoming famous and wealthy Picasso took great risk in deepening his art by developing  styles like cubism.

Here’s the question; why would Picasso when few approved of his style press in and suffer such great risk while devoting himself to endless hours of making his art?

The simple answer is because he loved making it.  The fruit of the art (will others enjoy it and buy it) was somewhere remote.

If you love doing that thing that you do, then it should not matter if others approve, pay for it, pick you, share it, tweet it, or like it – the bigger question is are you enjoying the process of making it.

Another way to look at it – The saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  True, but if you’ve enjoyed the ride then it’s alright the horse is not thirsty.

Enjoy your ride today. Delve into making your art (whatever it is) simply because you enjoy the process.

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