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Explorers and Dummies

March 26, 2015

When Christopher Columbus landed in America he was lost.  He thought he was in India, which is why he called the Native Americans…Indians.  The thing is that the nature of the explorer is to always be lost.  Lost is what we are just before discovering something new. (Tweet It Now!)

Contrast that thought with the true nature of every Dummies book, written as maps to prevent you from getting lost.  From the time you were a bambino you learned that getting lost is a bad thing.  So even today you avoid being an explorer, and getting lost.

Perhaps you’re not where you want to be because you haven’t gotten lost often enough. (Tweet It Now!)

Go exploring today!

The term ‘explorer’ has little meaning. But exploration is nothing more than a foray into the unknown, and a four-year old child, wandering about along in the department store, fits the definition as well as the snow-blind man wandering across the Khyber Pass. The explorer is the person who is lost.” – Tim Cahill

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