Get Pissed

The most effective source of innovation, agitation, and lasting change comes from people who manage to get truly pissed.

  • Gandhi got pissed around the issues of social injustice and changed his nation, and inspired Martin Luther King.
  • Thirteen colonies got really pissed at Britain and started the upheaval known as the American Revolution.
  • A really smart guy named Steve Jobs got booted from the company he started, got pissed, and decided to show the world what bone head decision that was.  So we got iMac’s, iPod’s, iPhone’s, Pixar, and iPad’s.
  • In December 1955, one day after work an African American woman was asked to give up her seat to a white person.  She got pissed, and became an international icon for the resistance to social injustice.  Her name – Rosa Parks.

Pissed people change things.  We need you to get pissed.

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