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How To Get Super Rich Now!

January 1, 2015

Enrich your world by doing work that matters.

Enrich your thinking by watching TED TV.

Enrich your health by being proactive.

Enrich your community by not devaluing others.

Enrich your relationships by seasoning truth with love.

Enrich your organization by being it’s Linchpin.

Enrich your productivity by doing only what you love…outsource the rest.

Enrich your peace of mind by admitting and  running toward your bias.

Enrich your standing by standing for something.

Enrich your tribe by teaching them something new.

Others would have you believe that you can’t get rich now.  I think you can.  These are all ways that you can get rich in the new connection economy.  Here are 7 more things you can do to be successful in the connection economy.

Thanks to Seth Godin for the idea for this post.

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