Gifts As a Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the generous act of helping others accomplish their goals.

Thinking of #marketing this way we realize we all have the responsibility to be marketers.

When we view marketing as something we do with others and not to them we open ourselves up for the opportunity to share our art.

Marketing is our chance 2 stand up, 2 standout, 2b heard, 2 make a ruckus, and 2 make the world a better place…2GETHER.

Here are 3 KPI’s that might actually be worth tracking.

  1. Who partnered with you?
  2. How many lives did you make better?
  3.  What important issue did you lend your voice to?

I’d like to thank a few folks for their generosity. 2gether we’re doing work that matters 4 people who care.

Thanks 2 Karen J. Hamilton for inviting me to participate in her project to change how we see African American authors, and to encourage African American parents to read to their children.

Thanks 2 Daryll Bryant for his generosity in allowing me to help him market his book and teach young corporate managers the principals of business leadership.

Thanks 2 Dr. Neha Vapiwala, and Cordelia Baffic for our generous work 2gether as we continue to endeavor to educate minority families about the dangers of #prostatecancer.

Don’t 4get U can #PickYourself 2 #BeGenerous.

Photo Credit:Gift photo created by benzoix – www.freepik.com

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