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Good Ain’t Cheap

Last updated Mar 13, 2014

…and cheap ain’t good.  In fact most people aren’t interested in cheap, they are interested in better.

There is, and always will be a place for an alternative that works and is less expensive.  But the best marketing strategy, and fastest way to grow your business and customer loyalty is to be best.

Invest your brain juice to search for ways to become better, or free, not cheaper.

Something to make you go…hmm!  Free in some cases is better than cheap.  You’re using Java right now (even if you don’t know you are).  How much did  you pay to use it.  $0.  Yet, Oracle earns millions of dollars from Java.

Google provides search services, stores and serves videos for free via YouTube…how much have you paid them for these services?  Zero dollars is the answer yet Google earns billions as a result of providing all this free stuff.

Have you ever wondered why your smart phone provider provides you an awesome, absolutely free GPS system, or why companies don’t charge you for web browsers?


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