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Google Glass Project

Last updated Mar 5, 2013


Google Glass - Google Glasses - Project Glass

Here’s something really, really cool – Google Glasses.  I just saw these and I can’t wait to get a pair.  Or at least try out somebody’s (they are expected to hit the market sometime this year at $1,500).  I don’t think I’ll be an early adopter.

Google glasses are actually a computer that will let you interact with the internet the way do with your smartphone, but hands free and with virtual visualization.

I think that Google Glasses will be the next big thing.  When I saw this I had a Will Smith Independence Day Moment – you know – “I’ve Got To Get Me One Of These!” moments.

How Google Glass Will Work

Google Glasses will be able to connect via Bluetooth to both Android phones and the iPhone. Glass can pull down data from wifi or use the 3G or 4G feed from a connected phone, but it won’t have its own cellular radio.”

Why I’m Excited About Google Glasses

As a marketer I’m particularly excited to see something like this that potentially marks the next big leap forward in how we use computers.  Laptops took computers off of our desk.  Smartphones put computers in our hands. Now Google Glass project will take them out of our hands and we’ll just wear our computers.

This is Steve Jobs like brilliant.  I did not know I wanted my computer to do this until you told me I should type brilliance.

Geordi La Forge’s glasses couldn’t even do all this stuff.

Google Glass Video

Google Glass Project – Learn More

Google Glass official page

Pictures of Google Glasses

You might be able to get a pair free Google Glasses here.

Project Glass Google Plus Page

Possible Business Uses For Google Glasses

I can see myself using Google Glasses to record spontaneous customer reactions, or to easily record footage from an event or training session to share with my blog readers.

How do you see yourself being able to implement Google Glasses into your business life?

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