Google+ vs Facebook – How I Discovered That Google+ Sends Me More Traffic Than Facebook and Twitter Combined

I check my Google Analytics multiple times a day.  Recently I discovered that Google+ refers 2 times as many readers as Facebook and more than 10 times as many as Twitter to my blog.

I’ve read quite a few blog post in the past few weeks where the blogger writes that they did not check their Google Analytics until after a year of blogging.  What!!!  Why!!!

Typically it boils down to knowing that readership is low in the first year so why check.  Here’s why.

Google Analytics is a real-time tool.  Why wait a year to discover what you’re doing correct or wrong when you can find out now.

The number of visitors a social media platform sends to your site is only part of the story (in my mind the least important part)

Engagement is the big ticket item.  Notice that Google+ referrals are 1.4x more engaged than Facebook and 3x more engaged than Twitter referrals

Google+ vs Facebook my results

Google+ vs facebook

Click chart to enlarge

Here’s the thing.  Almost all my effort has been in Twitter and Facebook.  I rarely post to Google +.  In fact my effort on Google+, as compared to Facebook and Twitter, has been so ridiculously low that I don’t even understand how this is possible.  But the numbers tell the story.  

What if I’d waited a year to find this out.  I would have wasted my best efforts on the platforms delivering the least results.

Check your Google Analytics every day!

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