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Why Honeybees Fly and Your Small Business Can To

March 27, 2015

Did you know that for a long time scientist considered bee flight aerodynamically impossible. Until recent years they simply could not explain it.  In 1934 observing bees, August Magnan said the haphazard flapping of their wings simply shouldn’t keep the hefty bugs aloft.  But we all know bees fly. And the simple explanation is because they were created to.

Michael H. Dickinson a Bioengineering Professor at Caltech says today scientist know that bees can fly due evolved flight muscles that are physiologically very different from those of other insects. One consequence is that the wings have to operate fast and at a constant frequency or the muscle doesn’t generate enough power.

Just as the bee is different from other insects so are businesses in the connected economy different from businesses of the industrial age.  And there will be those who merely observe and conclude you shouldn’t be able to fly.  But you can!  Because you were created to.  You just have to operate fast, and at a constant frequency to generate enough power to stay aloft.

What are you waiting for…get to flapping your wings!

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