How to Avoid Writer’s Block – Content Marketing Tip # 2 For Generating Awesome Content

Great!  As part of your overall marketing strategy you’ve made the decision to start blogging and now you’re wondering how to avoid writer’s block.  I think this may be what hinders many people the most from starting a blog.  Their afraid of not knowing what to write.  But most of us don’t wake up in the morning unable to talk, or with nothing at all on our minds.  Successful blogging is just about developing a ritual to get those thoughts onto paper or screen.

Keep A Content Backlog and Style Bank

Content backlog

How to avoid writer's block

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This is the best blogging weapon in my arsenal.  I keep a backlog of content I want to write about in Notes on my iPhone/iPad.  When ever a concept hits me for a new post I write it there.

Magazines are a great source for content ideas.  I’m always scanning magazine covers for catchy titles that I can ad to my backlog.  For example I’m looking at the August version of GQ magazine on my desk right now.  On the cover reads “32 Pages of The Best Suits, Shoes, Ties, Jackets & Accessories You Need This Fall”.  I could take that catchy title and turn it into something like “32 Tips On The Best Social Media Marketing, How To’s, and What Not To’s, You Need For 2013”.

Style bank

The second thing is to keep a style bank of available post types.  Once you realize that there are many ways in which you an create post and content for your blog you’ll never struggle with writers block again.

Keep in mind that a blog post does not have to be a 600 word essay.  I’ve read in a lot of places that you should for SEO purposes make a post at least 300 words.  My position is that you’re writing for your readers.  Sometimes posting a simple quote may be what your readers need.  Most of you know I’m a big fan of Seth Godin and often his post are just a few thought provoking paragraphs.  Other times he’ll expand on a topic in a longer drawn out post.  T

Here are a few post styles and links to sample content to get you started.

I’m sure there’s a lot I’ve left out.  If you can think of others please share in the comment section.

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