How To Become An Expert

If you’re looking for ways to prove you’re an expert, build authority, trust, and awareness for your brand it’s a good idea to post a picture of the Grand Canyon somewhere you can see it regularly.  Because the only way to become an authority is to do it the same way the Grand Canyon became the “Grand” Canyon …. with a steady drip over a long, long time.

How to become an expert

What the Grand Canyon looked like before and what it looks like now.

The Grand Canyon did not start out the way it is today.  In fact 100 years from now it won’t look as it looks today.  The same is true for your blog, your business, your career, and relationships.  You won’t start grand you have to grow grand.  You have to work at it sometimes for years and years.

The duplicity of the web is that tactics work great because they are almost instant.  You follow someone on Twitter and within minutes they follow you back.  It’s easy to be lulled into confusing tactics with strategy.  The strategy of building trust, reputation, and awareness still takes a long time.  Tactics are easy, but being that steady drip of water that’s hard.

Let me bend your ear to a little secret I’ve discovered.  You can build authority, be successful, and grow your business if you’re willing to do the mundane things others won’t do, and do them for a long time (like a steady drip of water).

Ask the following questions to build a strategy that will help you to become that steady drip of water

  • How can I outlast, not outrun the competition
  • What things can I do to be the last gal standing
  • What can I write or make that will be around for the long haul
  • How can I focus on building a body of work instead of lots of followers

Here’s a funny video to illustrate the point.


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