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How To Become Famous

March 29, 2022

Most painters, poets, consultants, bloggers, singers, actors, influencers, politicians, photographers, or just about anyone doing anything all want to be famous.  Famous simply means known by many.  But when most folks think about famous they add a modifier…world. Becoming ‘world famous’ like Apple, or Muhammad Ali did is really difficult. But just becoming famous isn’t.

A teacher can be famous to many students in her school, or many in the freshman class.  A painter can be famous to many in his local community.  Preachers can be famous amongst their local congregation.  A doctor can be famous to the patients whom lives she’s helped to save.  By now you may have picked up on the idea of substituting the word important for famous.

Not long ago to be famous/important an author needed to be on the New York Times Best Seller List, and pop artist needed to sell millions of albums to be famous.  But today any artist (and we are all artist) can become famous simply by producing art that’s important to a minimum viable audience, to a tribe, and by consistently making that art better over time.

By famous I mean that you’re the most trusted, admired, the go 2 person, and the person the tribe gives the benefit of the doubt.

Here’s a not so simple recipe for becoming famous.  Decide who your work is for because it can’t be for everybody, and do something, or create something for them regularly (like I created this 4 U).

If you want to take a shortcut to being famous just add the word famous to your name…like Famous Amos did.

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