How To Grow Your Small Business

I learned this from one of the top mortgage producers in the country.

Make it a goal to have just one legitimate conversation per day with someone interested in purchasing your product, or service.  Don’t be concerned with the outcome just the activity – one conversation per day.How to grow your small business

  • It does not matter how or where the conversation takes place.  For example a conversation could occur over a social media network, or by email.  At the end of one year that’s 365 conversations.

Once you’ve mastered having one conversation per day move to doing one proposal per day.  Now you’ve got one conversation and one proposal each day.  After mastering that move to writing one agreement a day.  Now that’s one conversation, one proposal, and one agreement each day.

It’s worth noting that this is nearly impossible to do alone.  You need to invest in hiring an assistant if you don’t already have one.

When I worked in the mortgage industry I was able to do this by utilizing Google Adwords to drive traffic to a website I setup.  I didn’t stay in the field long enough to get to one agreement per day, but the metod doubled my production.


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