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How To Make Wise Decisions

August 31, 2021

The decisions you make can impact you for a lifetime, and have the power to change your life so it’s important to make wise decisions.

In Latin the literal meaning of the word decision is “to cut off”. So making a decision is about “cutting off choices”. Incision is derived from the Latin meaning “to cut into”.

So when you make an incision you cut in when you make a decision you cut off.

Making wise decisions

If you want to be successful in life, if you want to live your dreams you’re going to have to make some decisions to cut off some things. The only things that you can cut off are nouns; people, places, and things.

  1. People – You have to decide to cut off anyone who drags you down like naysayers, and other negative people. What if they’re your family or good friends? Do what my mama used to say “feed ’em with a long handle teaspoon”, meaning love them from a distance.
  2. Places – There are places both literal and figurative (in your mind) that you’re going to have to decide not to go.
  3. Things – You must decide to stop doing the things that hinder you. Many things done excessively will hinder you. Drugs, alcohol, and even over eating can keep you from achieving your full potential.

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