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How To Switch From Outbound To Inbound Marketing

Aug 21, 2013

Remember the school lunch line.  If you were in the back and needed to move up quickly you’d ask someone if you could “cut” in front of them.  It’s a strategy that sometimes paid off.

However, it’s a strategy that will never payoff when it comes to online marketing.  You can’t just ask the company that’s getting better search engine results, they are at the front of the line, if you can cut in front of them.  To get in front in marketing you’ve got to work for it (hard) and invest in it (actual dollars).

If you want to eat first then shift your budget from traditional marketing interruption type activities to new permission based inbound marketing activities.

Here are a few

Traditional Marketing Inbound Marketing
Trade Shows SEO / SEM
Telemarketing Premium Content Development
TV / Radio Ads Google Adwords
Direct Mail Blogging / Podcasting
Infomercials Viral Videos
Person to Person Networking Social Media

Switch or eat last!

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