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Huba Huba Huba and Trust

February 27, 2014

marketing speaker rodney goldston on brand trustHuba, Huba, Huba!  Money, Money, Money! Who Do You Trust?  Jack Nickelson’s character, The Joker, got the question correct.

A sales problem is really a trust problem.  Let me explain.

In the 90’s when I worked for Lucent Technologies. We won a lot of deals simply because people trusted our brand.  Even against systems with more features at lower prices we’d win because purchasing managers would say, nobody get’s fired for picking Lucent (yes I’ve had buyers say this to me on multiple occasions).

If you work for a brand with high trust value talking to strangers becomes a lot easier because the trust factor has already been overcome.  Prospects will settle for fewer features, pay more, and be happy about it if there’s trust.

Here’s a little something to make you go hmm! – Instead of trying to figure out if you have enough features, or a strong enough social media presence (the huba, huba, huba stuff), try figuring out if you’ve first got enough trust.  If you’ve got lot’s of trust you need less huba, huba, huba.

Off the cuff…

  • I trust Honda to deliver an attractive, reliable, low maintenance vehicle…I own two.
  • I trust Starbucks to deliver a delicious, hot, and consistent cup of coffee that taste exactly the same regardless of where I buy it in the world.
  • I trust Whole Foods to have stock their shelves with lots of wholesome good for me items.

Violate the trust and I’ll shop somewhere else.

Who do you trust?


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