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HubShout Review

January 18, 2013

Here is a review of a recent experience with a company called HubShout.  They mistakenly over charged my credit card $240.  Several weeks ago on December 27th I called my rep and notified her.  She said she had another client with the same issue and would look into and get back to me.

Several days passed with no response form my rep.  So I called in and spoke to a very nice guy who verified the mistake and opened a customer service ticket.  I received email messages of the various internal conversations regarding the mater but no refund.

Although they tried to issue the refund it appears that they have some technical issues that prevented it from going through.  Finally yesterday I simply called my bank and in a mater of minutes I was issued a refund.

Two points:

  1. If you run a business be faithful in the small things so that you can be rewarded with larger things in the future.  This first order with HubShout was a test to see how they would perform.  I have a much larger project I wanted to give them. But what can I expect if on a tiny project I’m over billed and the vendor can’t manage it issue a refund.
  2. Never make a customer wait for a refund, especially if was caused by your own internal error, write a personal check if you have to.
  3. Oh…one more point. Always remember that radically over delivering on customer service is one of the most effective and least costly marketing strategies available.

Something to make you go…Hmm! In a connection economy the news of your choice to radically over deliver or under deliver will spread like wild fire…you choose. (Click To Tweet)


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