In High Demand But Short Supply

What the world needs now is….not another love song.  Instead the following are in high demand but very short supply.

Real leadership – the Martin Luther King type.

Real connectors – People who can really connect with others.  Not the virtual social media types of connections, but people with a truly extraordinary ability to make friends and acquaintances.  Real connectors are never out of work or short on clients.

Real kindness – Life in general is a particularly frustrating event…sometimes.  It’s a lot easier to not extend grace than it is be kind.  Especially if you’re truly wronged in some way big or small, when life is hard, when your employees aren’t getting it right, when your food order is wrong.

Real vision – People who don’t need a map to where they are going.  Those willing to go without knowing.  Those willing to risk it all on one turn of pitch and toss. Those willing to forge the path instead of follow one.  People like Steve Jobs.

These character traits are in such high demand because they are scarce.  They are scarce because they are nearly impossible to teach.  Where can you go to learn them?  Before you answer keep in mind that there’s a difference in learning about something and actually being something.


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