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KISS – Googles Secret Sauce

October 20, 2012

Why does Google out perform Yahoo!, Bing, and all other search engines?

Because they keep it simple

Most people working in sales have learned the acronym KISS at some point.  It stands for Keep It Simple Salesperson.  It was taught to me as Keep It Simple Stupid.  Either way the point is if you can keep your presentations simple you have a good shot at winning.  And of all search engines Google does the best job at keeping it simple.

On the home page of Google today there are only 28 words against a white background.  Bing 68 against a full color picture and Yahoo! hundreds…I didn’t even bother to count, it’s a jumbled mess.

Is there a way for you to simplify your presentation, web page, elevator speech, proposal, etc.  If you can you will dramatically increase your chances at winning.

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