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Leaders Lead They Don’t Talk So Much

Jul 9, 2019

Almost anyone can diagnose a problem.  And, in todays world of blogs and social media everyone has a megaphone to rant and rift about it.

But problems don’t need attention called to them as much as they need solutions, and leaders to lead us to a better way.

In 1930 there was plenty of talk about what should be done and how to deal with the British monopoly on salt.  But a leader name Mohandas Gandhi showed the world the way to peaceful disagreement and thereby setting the stage for the Rosa Parks and Dr. King to lead the American Civil Rights Movement.

In the 1980’s there was plenty of talk about cleaning up trash talk television.  Then a little known woman by the name of Oprah Winfrey stopped talking about it and actually changed the format of successful talk TV likely and hopefully forever.

The world is full of problems but not full of leaders.   The place you work, the organization you belong to are all full of problems but not full of solutions.  Stop talking about it and be about it.  We need you to lead us to a better way.

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