Maggot Brain

maggot brain
Maggot Brain…
Is always consuming, never investing
Fishes oceans dry
Drives beast extinct
Maggot Brain…
Can’t c me
Can’t hear me
Fear me
Maggot Brain…
Thinks this
Thinks that
Criticizes never ships
Maggot Brain…
Calls himself nigga, and his Sista bitch
Can’t spare a dime
Can’t paradigm
Maggot Brain…
Won’t chance
Won’t change
Will complain
Maggot Brain…
Wants fast, wants easy
So she’s work’n on a poll
Not math, not code
Maggot Brain…
Never thinks I’m beautiful
I’m loved
I’m blessed
Maggot Brain…
B sportin rims & playin Tim’s
She pushin 2 B rock
Don’t know she gem
Maggot Brain…
Got left i on money
Right i on power
No i’s on the final hour
Father 4give them Maggot Brains
4 they know not what they do

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