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Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Do This First

The first thing anyone needs to understand is what the 9 primary digital marketing, or online marketing strategy types are. Don’t confuse this with the 4p’s of marketing (promotion, price, place, and product).  I’ll get into those in later post.  But for now you need to know what type of online business you have, or want to have.   Start by downloading this PDF which explains the options and and gives you some real-world examples to look at.

If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

In many ways with all the tech advancements, and social media digital marketing has fulfilled it’s promise to make the lives of marketers easier.

But marketers are also overwhelmed because staying on top of all the things you have to do is daunting.  To help here’s a link to a free ebook that list 10 useless things that you can cut from your marketing.

Additional Resources

We’re well on our way in our Online Marketing Strategies Series.  I’ve put together post that can be used to fuel Marketing Strategy - Marketing Strategiesany discussion related to getting started on or improving your personal or company online marketing strategy.  Below you’ll find links to each deep dive session as I complete them.

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Lesson 1: Overview of online marketing CRM and workflow strategies 

Lesson 2: Website and blog strategies

Lesson 3: SEO and SEM strategy

Lesson 4: The Top 9 Online Marketing Strategies (downloadable PDF)

Marketing Strategy Lesson 1 Overview

At the center or nucleus is what I call your IM Stragety or Internet Marketing Strategy.  To me it represents the idea that there is a plan.  If you’re a small organization it does not have to be elaborate.  If fact you should be able to write your plan down on a sheet of paper, or the back of a napkin.  The more elaborate a plan the more difficult it will be to maintain….continue reading

Marketing Strategy Lesson 2: Website and Blog Strategy Overview

You might think deciding on a blog or website platform would be a somewhat elementary part of marketing strategy, but it’s not.  Here are a list of things you need to consider when thinking through your plan of action…continue reading

Marketing Strategy Lesson 3: Developing SEO and SEM Strategies

I want to kill two birds with one stone with this post and cover both SEO and SEM.  The purpose will not be to make you a SEO or SEM expert.  Not even an amateur.  The two categories are both far to broad to cover in a blog post.  What I want to do here is to explain what they are and how they are different as most people have no clue.  For the do it yourself’er I’ll point you towards some helpful resources…continue reading

Marketing Strategy Lesson 4: Top 9 Online Marketing Strategies

A question I get a lot is: What strategy should I use to market my business online?  In fact it may be the single most often asked question that marketing consultants are asked.  Unfortunately online marketing strategy is a mis-understood concept by small business owners and sadly by many digital marketing consultants.

To help small business better understand online marketing strategy I put together a short video called The Top 9 Online Marketing Strategies, and a handy PDF that you can download here.

online marketing strategy

Additional Online Marketing Strategy Resources

Content Marketing Strategy – 10 Tips for developing an awesome content marketing strategy.

Top 9 Online Marketing Strategies – Details the 9 major internet marketing strategies used by businesses today.