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A Message To the White Supremacy Groups and All Other Color Struck Folks

August 18, 2017

Turns out white folks, black folks, yellow folks, and all the other color struck folks have got it wrong.  We are all closer in color than we realize.  You see your eyes aren’t the best tools you have for picking up on someones skin color, it’s actually your ears.

If you could  pick up on the sound waves human skin gives off, as the worlds first cyborg Neil Harbisson does, you’d actually realize we are all shades of orange.

Since it’s not likely that you’ll end up cyborg, you could simply take the Bible’s word for it.  Turns out the Hebrew word Adam which in scripture denotes both the person Adam and mankind (that’s U and me) means Red or ruddy (reddish person/reddish people).  Ruddy is defined as a healthy red color.  So when Neil says that he hears all humans as some shade of orange he’s in the right place in Gods color wheel (orange is next to red on the color wheel).  Thanks to Samsung you can watch a short documentary on the the worlds first cyborg and how he came to hear colors…I’ve posted it below.

Camera lenses also do a much better job at actually showing us how similar we all are on the color wheel.  Many thanks to Angelica Dass for her Humane Project which proves how close different races of people are along the Pantone.  You can see her project here, you can listen to her TED Talk here.  Really check them out its fascinating.  Thank you Angelica!

Something To Make You Go Hmm!  Looks like Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five somehow also knew this truth way back in 1982 when they rapped the lyrics to Survival the Message 2 “…blacks and whites don’t realize that they’re really pink and brown”.  Guess what you get when you combine pink and brown?  Yea, a ruddy color.

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