Michael Jordan and Why You Need To Quit

Recently I watched a documentary on the career of Michael Jordan and something occurred to me.  That is that the idea that winners never quit and quitters never win is a bunch of bull!

The truth is that winners quit all the time.  And losers don’t quit often enough.

Jordan quit basketball to play baseball, then quit baseball to go back and play basketball again.  Later in his career he quit driving the lane often, and mastered the jump shot.  He got so good at the jump shot the the final and most memorial image we have of his career is this one.

michael jordan gary payton

The thing is winners learn to quit the right thing, at the right time.  In essence winners quit the things they can’t be the best at so they can focus on the things they can.

What or who do you need to quit so you can focus on winning?

Something To Make You Go…Hmm!  Sad, but Muhammad Ali is a winner who waited to long to quit.

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