Misuse Of The Universal Video Symbol

Just about every marketing stat you can find these days tells you that there’s a very simple thing any marketer can do to increase traffic to their website, improve ad conversions, lower bounce rates, and increase social media shares. It’s to ad quality video into the marketing mix.

But using the universal video symbol on an image that links to a post without providing an actual video is just bad
marketing.  This morning I clicked on a link on a friends FB wall (which showed the universal video symbol) expecting to see a video of Yolanda Adams on the Jimmy Fallon show and was taken to a page without a video. Once there you’re presented with the option to share the content on your FB or Twitter pages.  The social media share link automatically posts an image with the video symbol but with no link to a video.  Shame on QPolitical for using this tactic to drive traffic.


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