Mother May I and Why You Need To Leap Today

Is a childhood game where one person is chosen as the mother. Facing the other kids the mother stands at a distance away from the other players. The other children begin to request to take a certain type of steps (baby, or giant steps), and a certain number of steps towards the mother. Mother grants the request or changes it by saying something like ‘yes you may take x giant steps or no you may take x baby steps. The goal is to be the first to reach the mother.

Most adults view the game as a good way to teach children manners. But there are two hidden lessons being taught. First all kids intuitively know that if they ask to take a large number leaps that’s the best and easiest way to reach their goal. But they also learn to ask for permission, which is the problem.

To get where you want to be in your relationships, your career, in your finances…you have to leap. However, nobody will give you permission. You have to pick yourself.

Something to make you go…hmm!

Children aren’t afraid to leap. They spend entire days jumping, taking giant steps forward, and leaping. But as we get older we forget to take giant steps forward, to jump, and to leap.  Go ahead and take a giant leap today.

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