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Motown Musical The Logo vs The Brand

Last updated Jun 30, 2022

If you check my last blog, you will know how I love music. Last night my wife and I went to see Motown the Musical here in Philadelphia.  It was great.  I even got to come on stage and sing with “Diana Ross” Reach Out And Touch Somebody’s Hand.

motown musical logo
As I starred at the giant M on the stage I was reminded that my first memory of music ever was a Motown song.  Probably around Christmas 1970.  I could see our Christmas tree, and the yellow and brown box record player I got, but the real prize was the Motown album of the Jackson 5.  I’ve got a whole life story built around that logo, so did the lady next to me, and so do millions of other people around the globe.

The logo is just the symbol.  But the Motown brand are the many stories, and the emotions we feel when we see the logo, or hear the word Motown.

Entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars on logo’s, but your marketing dollars are much better spent making sure the expectations, memories, and stories your brand coveys matters in a good and positive way to the people you want them to matter to.

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