My Mic Sounds Nice

My Mic Sounds Nice…Check 1….My Mic Sounds Nice…Check 2 ….Salt-N- Peppa

One day people will write about the revolution we’re currently in.  Historians will pen the rise of email, blogs, podcasting, and Youtube.  If they start and stop with a simple explanation of these platforms they will have missed the most important point…that they passed the mic to you.

In the 70’s there were only 3 TV networks, just a few bookstores, record labels controlled the music business, publishersrodney goldston my mic sounds nice controlled magazines and book distribution.  If you had not been chosen, and you had a message you wanted to get across you needed a soap box and bullhorn (literally), and only those within earshot of your voice could receive it.  The powerful controlled the flow of information.

But those days are gone.  The internet has given you a microphone.  Email, Podcasting, chat, video, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram are powerful channels to broadcast important messages.  The mic’s been passed to you…are you going to use to entice people to play Candy Crush Saga or will you use your microphone to make a ding in the universe.

Take the mic and slay…don’t play! – Salt-N- Peppa

Shoutout to my boy Alexander Evans for using the mic to foster important discussions about improving relations during these trying times in our countries history.



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