Nelson Mandela Life Lessons

Free Mandela was our cry during my years as a college student.  I’m glad I lived during a time to see a great social injustice made right.

As Nelson Mandela struggled to liberate South Africa from Apartheid’s system of racial segregation and racial discrimination he inspired millions around the globe.  One important lesson you can learn from his life is that you can, and should – Pick Yourself.

  • Pick Yourself – to become the difference you want to see in your world
  • Pick Yourself – to do what others are afraid to because it’s difficult, uncomfortable, and not safe
  • Pick Yourself – to defy and break the rules that need to be broken
  • Pick Yourself – to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedoms of others
  • Pick Yourself – to be the one who points the way
  • Pick Yourself – to make peace with your enemy, to work with your enemy, then to make your enemy your partner
  • Pick Yourself – to do, not just talk
  • Pick Yourself – to open your mouth and speak up for what is just everywhere

Nelson Mandela Death

We are all better off because Nelson Mandela lived.  He will be remembered as one of a few who made a ding, truly worth making, in the universe.  His life was worth living because he found something worth dying for.

Final Words

Never forget: None of us are free, if one of us in chains. (Click To Tweet)


The USA Today has put together a good presentation and list of 15 inspiring quotes by Nelson Mandela.



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