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New and Improved Websites

Last updated May 23, 2014

New is not the same as improved.

If your website traffic is lacking then a full fledged website redesign might start out sounding like a good idea, but typically ends a gigantic headache — involving more people resources than initially thought, requiring more dollars than initially thought, sucking up more time than initially thought, and not improving traffic or conversion rates.

The easiest way to improve your website is by improving the quality of the content.  If you take the same content and just give it a new face that’s not improved.

Consider this – Butt ugly websites with remarkable content generate lots of traffic and have high conversion rates.  Why…because they are interesting, and useful (think CraigsList, or eBay).

Instead of a total redesign spend some time considering how you can make your content more remarkable.  It’s a less costly and more efficient solution to your traffic or conversion problem.

Something to make you go…hmm!  The most visited website with the highest number of conversions is Google’s main search engine.  It’s also the most simple website on the internet (the interactive part of it).


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