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Here are 7 powerful strategies to help ignite your personal brand. Discover why it’s best to avoid trying to convince others, how to manage your brand in the age of Google, and much more. 

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An entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, fortune 100 trained salesman, respected business coach, with a degree in Marketing from Temple Univ. Fox School of Business, Rodney Goldston is highly regarded as an authority on the subject of personal brand business. At his core Rodney is a teacher who blazes his own trail, and wants to inspire you, to do the things that inspire you

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If you’ve got some impressionable young people that you want to make a positive impression on then I’m all in!

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Insights For Impact

I Believe

I Believe

I believe the world would be a better place if we learned to love one another just as we love ourselves. I was motivated to do this video as I was thinking about the tremendous level of distrust, lack of respect and honor we all seem to be developing for one another....

How To Find Good Ideas

How To Find Good Ideas

If you start the search the odds are excellent you’ll find good ideas.  Finding is reserved for those that search.  Good ideas are not reserved for those that hope, for those that wish, nor for those that complain but for those that search. If you seek you will find a...

Nobody Said It’d Be Easy

Nobody Said It’d Be Easy

Doing important work, standing out, and standing up are never easy to do.  Be happy when you encounter hard times as they produce endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.  And, we are all hoping for something better...aren't we?

How Much Does a Vote Cost?

Sandwiches at the local store are on sale for $5.  If I'm only thinking about the sandwich then it's easy $5 gets me one sandwich.  Except when I start to think about how many calories, or how much sodium I'm getting for that $5 then it's not such an easy decision. So...

Think different.

Think different.

The worlds best brands, be they corporate or personal, have this one thing in common...they think different. I was inspired to create this video after listening to Karen Hamilton encourage students to tap into their creative genius as they participate in a project to...

Why You Should Use Your Words Wisely

A leaders job is to make change.  It's to connect with people.  It's to interact with folks so that they become better, and stronger.  Like the government did for the Six Million Dollar Man - "We made him better, stronger, faster." https://youtu.be/MowMg8muMfA  ...

How To Use iMovie – A Beginners Guide To Using iMovie

In this video you'll learn how to use iMovie. Most people think that iMovie is amateur bare bones software.  But, iMovie actually has many features that come with much more expensive video editing software packages. https://youtu.be/OSSyTYTWvmM You can find more...

Marketing: Who’s Got The Power

Marketing: Who’s Got The Power

Often overlooked in marketing decisions (especially by smaller brands) is the aspect of who's got the power. Think about marketing messages from Allstate Insurance.  What it doesn't say is pay us lots of money, for years and years and perhaps we'll decide to give you...

Why Marketing Is Confusing

Why Marketing Is Confusing

Marketing is confusing because there's two kinds. There's the kind you hate. The popups (I especially hate these), spam (these 2), private data tracking, interruptions, price gauging, overhyped and under-designed type that far too many people specialize in. And then...